Birthy Thoughts

This painting by Brian Kerishisnik is one of my favorites. It's called "Nativity." As I sit here writing my 6 week old baby’s birth story, I am thinking of all the angels, seen and unseen, in attendance at his birth. Their presence was definitely felt.

How interesting it is how Joseph, Mary and the midwives in this painting are unaware of ALL the angels surrounding them and how only the dog in the far right corner can sense them. I wonder how very often I am unaware of the angels surrounding me. I recall a birth I attended, as a doula a few years back. There wasn't anything out of the ordinary about the birth, but after the baby was born I could suddenly sense that there were angels in the room and it was as if they were standing in reverence and awe of the beautiful event that just took place and the sacrifice of this mother to bring life into the world. The room was full of hospital staff rushing around with the tasks of birth, but I felt like this dog, sensing these unseen spirits and just wanting to stand in awe and reverence too.

Birth is such a sacred event and I believe that angels always attend the births of God's children. I image they are often our ancestors or close friends that have passed onto the otherside of the veil, lovingly guiding these spirits into our arms and through this journey of mortality we call life.

Kelly Colvin, HCHI, HCHD