happy clients and students

I will forever cherish the love and support I received from Karen and Kelly during my last birth. Now that I’m due to have my third baby and having moved to a completely different state, I was so sad I wouldn’t be able to have them during my birthing time this time around as well. Having loving female support during birth was so, so special and it’s because of them that I have so much faith in doulas and the incredible work they do for women during such a life changing event.    ~Madison

We decided to not only go with the Hypnobabies course, but to have Kelly be our doula as well. Believe me - hire a doula - it is worth it!  Kelly was so supportive and helpful during our birthing time. We had the added bonus of having known her for the last 6 weeks and really feeling comfortable with her. As our Hypnobabies instructor she also could help remind me of the techniques we had learned in class, and she knew our birth preferences as well so she could remind us about what we wanted, and she could help us ask the right questions. 

I am so glad I followed my gut and went with the Hypnobabies program. When I first starting looking into childbirth education courses I just kept coming back to Hypnobabies.  The thing I love about Kelly, and what really "sealed-the-deal" is how much she believes and lives what she teaches. She is passionate about natural childbirth, about breastfeeding, about Hypnobabies, and about being informed; and she is super knowledgeable and experienced. I'm still going to her with questions I have.

We are so grateful to Kelly and hope she'll be available to be with us for our next baby's birth as well. If you decide you want a natural childbirth, or you just want a support person (other than family or the dr/nurses) at your baby's birth, consider using Hypnobabies and hiring Kelly. It is so worth it!        -Chanae

A family member had suggested we hire a doula.  Luckily we listened to this advice and found ourselves meeting with Karen a couple months before I was due.  

Karen was very helpful even before I went into labor.  She came to our home to meet us and to get an idea for our birth preferences and to answer questions.  She also helped us become familiar with our birthing options and gave me suggestions on topics to discuss with my doctor before the big day.  Most importantly, she helped me feel calm about labor.  I knew she was a good fit for us.

Karen and my husband were very involved during my labor by helping to manipulate my body into more comfortable positions during contractions.  Karen was great at suggesting new positions for me to try.  She was also able to guide my husband and help him know how to best help me.  Karen was able to discern when I needed help, when my husband needed support, and when we needed privacy as a couple. 

The birth of my son was such a beautiful experience for me and my husband.  We will always feel a close connection with Karen since she was part of such an intimate moment in our lives.  Since my experience with Karen was so positive I plan on doing natural childbirths with my future children, of course with the help of a doula!         -Elizabeth

Karen was so amazing during the birth of our first son! She was very supportive and helped us have the birthing experience that we wanted. We are so grateful that she was there! My husband and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a doula or for child birth classes.   -Chrissy

Kelly is an amazing teacher, devoted mother and inspiring human being. With her Hypnobabies training and knowledge we were able to bring our little guy into this world without drugs, fear, stress and very little pain. The day of my birth, I felt strong, prepared and completely in tune with my body during all the stages of my birthing process. Kelly is a force for the positive, and I would recommend her to any woman looking to have the best natural birth experience possible.      -Carol

I was able to go completely natural with (my) birth. Labor only took four hours total (we were in the hospital for 15 min before she came and I was afraid I would have her in my new car) The nurse was so surprised I was smiling in between contractions once we got to the hospital. I think it was because it felt so good to push and it was finally productive feeling and I knew I would meet her soon. Your class helped lots...The nurse even said "wow you are a rockstar!"
Such a wonderful experience!    -Zan

I am so glad that I found Hypnobabies. I loved the Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations. I feel that they helped me to be more confident during pregnancy and during my birth. The Hypnobabies program is fantastic! I love telling people that I loved my birthing time, and I really did. I was actually sad when it was all over. I highly recommend taking the Hypnobabies course. The live class is so great because you can ask questions and get to know other couples who are making similar choices for birth, much like a support group. I also encourage a hypo-doula. Kelly was such an asset to my birth team. She allowed my husband to take much-needed breaks and support me on a level that only a woman can. Even when she was just sitting next to me holding my hand I felt strength.    -K.