A woman will always remember
the way she is treated during
her birthing time.


It is a powerful event in her life and it is my hope that all women are treated with compassion and respect during this extraordinary time. I am committed to educating women about all their birth options to help empower them in their journey to motherhood.

Birth can be peaceful, beautiful and kind and I hope all women and babies can experience the way birth was meant to be.         ~Kelly Colvin            


Childbirth classes

Proper education, careful planning and the right support team can help create a peaceful birth for you and your baby.

We offer Hypnobabies and Rock Star Childbirth Classes

What is a doula?

A doula can be a great asset to all women in a variety of birthing situations—she can help them achieve their goals for the birth that they desire.  A doula's role is to educate and support a woman in whatever choices she makes for her baby’s birth.

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