Transformation - Going Beyond Your Physical Form

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In Hypnobabies we use special words with positive connotations to talk about the different stages of birth. We use the word transformation for the sage of birth when a mom’s cervix is dilating from 7 to 10 centimeters. So much occurs in those three centimeters. A baby begins to move down deeper into the pelvis preparing to come out and enter this world.

Transformation is an amazing time, an exciting time; a time of stretching and allowing not only physically, but also spiritually and emotionally. You are opening yourself up to becoming a mother to this baby. It is a thrilling, exciting, and challenging endeavor. In life whenever we are learning, stretching and growing it takes patience and it calls for great strength and courage. Whenever I am going through a growth experience, I have found that it is easier when I am surrounding myself with supportive, loving people; people that remind me of my goals and remind me of my strength. And so it is with birth, as we go through the transformation process we call on those around us. We ask them for needed support. That may feel like a back rub, that may sound like words of encouragement, that maybe look like a plate of food or a drink of water.

The definition of transformation is, “a dramatic change in form or appearance” or “a metamorphosis during the life cycle.” My favorite definition is, “going beyond your physical form.” That's exactly what you are doing when you give birth. You are going beyond what you are now to become something stronger, wiser, more intuitive. You are in the process of becoming. You are becoming a mother.

Kelly Colvin, HCHI, HCHD


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