Randi's Birth Story

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Hypnobabies was extremely helpful to me in preparing me mentally to believe in my ability to fulfill my calling as a woman. I am so thankful to have had the experience to reach within myself and truly find my inner God given strength. 

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My birthing time was quite sudden and quick. The day after my due date, (the 28th) I had my midwife check me to find that I was not dilated or thinning hardly at all. I was quite discouraged because I was feeling Braxton hicks and lots of pressure in my cervix. I had her sweep me but we weren't confident it would do much. Also baby hadn't grown since the previous week so I was a bit worried. I used the fear clearing track that night to calm myself along with prayer. Friday I started getting sporadic "birthing waves" but didn't think much of it. Then Saturday morning I woke at 4:30am to birthing waves that were pretty regular and by 8am they were stronger. I got in my bathtub and listened to my birthing day affirmations and started channeling my hypno-anesthesia with each wave. I found myself turning my switch to center and saying in my head "pressure not pain" as I visualized the anesthesia attacking the pain in my body. My midwife Cyndi came around 9am and saw me in my bath and asked if I wanted to use her birthing tub... I hadn't planned to use it but opted to try it. The birthing assistant brought the tub and we filled it up while I got out of the bath and used my hypnosis through each birthing wave - while sitting on the birthing ball. By about 11:30 the tub was full and I got in. The water was an amazing comfort and I hadn't even thought until then about how my special safe place is in water and how right for me a water birth could be. Birthing waves quickly became more and more intense at that point and my husband was doing a great job at saying relax and peace to calm me but ultimately I had to remove myself from the real world and  search within myself for strength and peace. I would immerse my entire body except my face and hands (which were holding my husband's hands) under the water and either pray or say peace to myself. The anesthesia became harder for me to channel and then I became really loud, lol. I think freaked my husband out with my loud noises. I kept asking my midwife when I should push and she said I need to trust myself and push when I feel the urge. It was so strange for me to not be told when to push but soon enough I was able to listen to my body. I wish I had remembered in the moment to use Hypnobabies more but by then it was happening so fast and I lost all control. I was scared and I was making a lot of noise. My midwife then said "Randi, give me your hand." She put my hand on baby's crowning head and this incredible peace came over me. All pain left me - I saw my special safe place, my body relaxed and I let out a big sigh. I knew I was about to meet my baby. Three pushes later and my sweet Penny was on my chest and in my arms. Although I didn't use all of Hypnobabies throughout my birthing time, I am so thankful for the part it played! 

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