Creative Ways to Pay for Non Conventional Birth Care

We'd like to thank Stacey Davis of Your Birth Time for sharing this blog post with us. Stacey is a doula, placenta encapsulation specialist, and postpartum wellness coach. 

St. George Utah doula

There are many non conventional options regarding pregnancy, birth and postpartum care. These often are not related to physician or hospital care. These options may or may not be covered by your insurance. Things such as prenatal and postpartum massage, chiropractic care, birth doula support, placenta encapsulation, acupuncturist care the list can go on. The first step in determining what care you would like to receive would be to research the many options. Using research and your own self history can help you decide what non conventional care you would like during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Once you have decided what you want to implement in the care you receive then decide how you are going to pay for it. Here are five creative ways to pay for those services:

1.     Skip that treat, pocket the change. We all have that one treat we allow ourselves which may not be the best for our baby while we are pregnant or even breastfeeding. You know that Starbucks indulgence or bag of kisses stuffed in your top drawer. Skipping your daily Starbucks for one month could save you about $100!

2.     Barter or trade for partial services. Many non conventional birth workers will barter or trade for part of the services they offer. Do you have a special talent or does your husband, mom, dad or brother run a local business that would benefit your birth worker? Work out a trade. You could even offer to babysit or prepare meals for your birth worker when they are called to a birth or to assist a pregnant or postpartum mom.

3.     Create a registry for your birth services. Twenty dollars from ten of your close friends or family members comes up to $200. This could definitely help you pay for the birth services that you would like. Let’s face it, several of these family and friends would contribute much more than $20! Call your birth worker and ask them to work with you to come up with a registry for their services.

4.     Birthday, Christmas or baby gifts ask for cash in place of gifts. Gift cards are also another great option. Many birth workers are willing to work with you to create gift cards or gift certificates. I  know that asking friends and family for money instead of gifts can be a little uncomfortable. When you explain what it is for they will understand and be more than willing to accommodate.

5.     Check with your insurance, cafeteria plan or HSA. Yes many moms have gotten their insurance, cafeteria or HSA to cover these services, even doula care and some portion of home birth services. Talk with your local birth provider she will be the most familiar with how to arrange this for your area.