Kelly is a Dona trained Birth doula, certified Hypnobabies Instructor and hypnodoula

I have been blessed with six beautiful children. Their births have taught me much about myself and helped me to grow and learn in ways I never knew possible. 

My first two birth experiences were not ideal and honestly quite difficult and included very challenging recoveries; one a cesarean and the other a vaginal birth with an epidural.  After my first two births I knew that I wanted things to be different the next time I had a baby.  I began to research natural childbirth and it all just felt right.  I hired a care provider that was supportive of my goals and whom I felt confident would help me to safely birth my baby. 

The birth of my third child was beautiful.  My perspective on birth completely changed after he was born.  I experienced how birth is meant to be—it can be gentle, kind, and peaceful.  Birth has become my passion.  I feel so empowered by my natural births that I want every woman to know her capabilities to birth.

Read my fourth child's birth story HERE and watch her (G- rated) birth video HERE. Read my fifth baby's birth story HERE.


My first two children were cesarean births.  They did not go the way I had anticipated and because of the challenges surrounding their births, I was left with the feeling that I did not want to have more children.  Even still, I felt a connection to birth. So I decided to become a doula to help women have better births than I had experienced. I wanted to be around beautiful births, even if it wasn’t an option for me.  In 2012, I became a doula and fell deeper in love with birth.

Shortly after completing my doula training I found out I was pregnant. I was elated, but nervous. I had seen other women attain beautiful births, but I wondered if it was possible for me. I longed for a peaceful, natural birth. Through much study, time, and education I was able to find supportive care providers. In 2013, I was finally able to have the birth of my dreams.  It was an extraordinary experience that propelled me even more into my desire to serve women. 

I believe that birth is a powerful event in a woman’s life. It should be treated kindly and with care. Birth is amazing and beautiful--if we allow it to be. It is a woman’s right and privilege to birth how and where she feels most comfortable and safe. My goal as a doula as well as a childbirth educator is to support women in her choices for birth.

Read my journey to natural childbirth HERE and watch my birth video HERE.

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